Doctor Coleoptera

An eccentric tinkerer who's many wild imaginings did not include being elected to office.

Human Mage Level 4 Artillery
Initiative +4 Perception +5
HP 42 Bloodied 21
AC 17 F 13 R 14 W 15
Speed 6 Skills Arcana +11
Str 10 +2 Con 12 +3
Dex 14 +4 Int 18 +6
Wis 17 +5 Cha 12 +3
Steam Gun (Standard, at-will) Weapon, Ranged 15/30
+6 vs AC 1d8 damage
Smart Bomb (Standard, at-will) Force, Fire, Area Burst 1 within 10
+7 vs Reflex 1d8+4 Force/Fire damage and the target is dazed (save ends)
Magic Bullet (Standard, at-will) Force, Ranged 20
+7 vs Reflex 2d4+4 force damage
Quick Shot (Standard, at will) Force, Ranged 10, 3 Targets
+7 vs Reflex 1d6+4 force damage

Trained by dwarven smiths and schooled in the magical arts Dr. Coleoptera came to Drumble to settle down and figure things out. He has improved every day life in Drumble but also occasionally causes havoc with his inventions. He never wanted to be mayor but was elected to office by the town council for his outstanding ingenuity and his improvisation skills. He lacks some social tact but generally gets on well with everyone.

In combat Dr. Coleoptera seemlessly mixes magic and gunplay to devastating effect. Many a foe has fallen to his peculiar methods mostly because he looks so harmless.

Doctor Coleoptera

Trifecta Dantor